Below are the documents relevant to this development agreement (more to follow):

– The Development Agreement itself

– The Existing Zoning Alternative B (page 3) which  met all of the project’s goals except for outdoor seating and included  “a 15,000 square foot market [that] would be located within the area designated as SPC on Block A. This market would front on San Pablo Avenue…A pedestrian path would be located along Village Creek…One mixed use building would front on San Pablo Avenue and include 16,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor with senior housing units on the second floor. This structure would be approximately 30 feet tall. The second structure on Block B would front on Monroe Street and 10th Street. This structure would be three stories tall. Combined, the buildings would include 70 senior housing dwelling units.”  This development proposal was soundly rejected by the City Council.

Section 4 of the Draft Environmental Impact Report, which calls for the removal of street parking from San Pablo Avenue (at halfway down page 75): “Under all four options, consider eliminating parking spaces along San Pablo Avenue to provide bulbouts at the marked crosswalks to reduce crossing distance and improve visibility of pedestrians andbicycles crossing San Pablo Avenue.”

– The Referendum

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